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At the forefront of weather engineering 



With climate consciousness at an all time high, we believe that taking on projects that explore the potential of controlling the weather is a natural step forward.

Commercial  Applications

We understand how weather could play a pivotal role in determining the success of many enterprises. This is where we come in: Unclouded offers weather engineering  services to empower our customers.


Climate change has been undoubtably detrimental to the environment. Consequences such as increased droughts and more violent hurricanes are now threatening our very survival. We, at Unclouded, have taken a proactive stance to not only preserve ecosystems but also prevent calamities through our latest technologies.



We are currently developing predictive machine learning algorithms to forecast cloud trajectories even more accurately. This will lead to greater efficacy in the process of controlling the weather.

Machine Learning

Wind Manipulation

Conventionally, the technologies developed around the control of weather have always had the constraint that you cannot change the direction of winds. We believe that this assumption is limiting the potential of what could be accomplished. Having said that, we have set out to develop technologies that will allow for the control of winds.



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