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Who are we?

In the recent few years, we have been seeing more violent hurricanes, more severe drought, and irregular weather cycles which all have devastating consequences on the environment, the economy, and human lives.

Through our cutting edge technologies, Unclouded has positioned itself at the forefront of weather engineering to proactively counteract the negative impacts of climate change.


Our novel approach to weather engineering consists of using drones and machine learning algorithms to conduct our operations with more efficacy and efficiency.

Our algorithms are designed to better predict weather patterns that then relay that data to our drones who act accordingly.




Limitless possibilities

From helping insurance companies mitigate the risk of their claims, to helping the environment, governments and businesses 



A word on sustainability 

According to the World Health Organization, droughts affect over 55 million people worldwide and have had decimating repercussions on ecosystems. At Unclouded, we believe that our current technologies, along those in development, are strong contenders in overcoming natural disasters such as this one. 


Our Hopes
Our hope for the future is to be able to not only help those negatively affected by deteriorating ecosystems but also preserve the biodiversity of our planet.


Our Responsibilities
Eco-consciousness is and always will be a primordial consideration in any of our endeavours. This is why we are committing ourselves to researching the potential consequences of all of our technologies.


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Making our research accessible to all

Cloud seeding depletes rain clouds by adding  catalytic  particles that causes the rain clouds to start precipitating sooner rather than later. The catalyst used can be silver iodide or dry ice.


Third party research about the effectiveness, efficacy, and safety of cloud seeding can be found here:

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