Learn why weather control is vital for the Earth's health


Making a difference

Climate change has been undoubtably detrimental to the environment. Consequences such as increased droughts and more violent hurricanes are now threatening our very survival. We, at Unclouded, have taken a proactive stance to not only preserve ecosystems but also prevent calamities through our latest technologies.


Invest in the Future
Invest in Climate Engineering 


Saving our planet

According to the World Health Organization, droughts affect over 55 million people worldwide and have had decimating repercussions on ecosystems. At Unclouded, we believe that our current technologies, along those in development, are strong contenders in overcoming natural disasters such as this one. 


Our hope for the future is to be able to not only help those negatively affected by deteriorating ecosystems but also preserve the biodiversity of our planet.

In other words, we have assumed the responsibility to save our planet.


Our Responsibilities 

Eco-consciousness is and always will be a primordial consideration in any of our endeavours. This is why we are committing ourselves to researching the potential consequences of all of our technologies.

If you have any questions about the safety and/or want to better understand why we believe that weather control is a viable remedy to the consequences of climate change please do not hesitate to contact us.